Thursday, March 26, 2009

Suggestions please!!!!

I think it's official that I need a new camera..I mean honestly she looked darling and these were what I came up with. I need advice. It's painfully obvious that I need a new camera. Do any of you have a camera that you love, point and shoot vs. SLR? I need help!!! For Dora's self-esteem in the coming years we need something new!!!

Does anyone want a dog?

While this dog is technically not mine to give away, he lives at my house and will soon become my responsibility as his owner is soon-to-be incarcerated. Dan has grown quite attached to this little guy, actually he's really big, but I do not want to keep him.

Come on look into his beautiful brown eyes, you know you want him for your own? By the way, he is a lot bigger now....


We have a hole!!!

We have cement basement walls!!!

We even have window wells!!

We have some plumbing...from which our poop, among other things, will flow!!

We should, weather permitting have a basement floor and garage floor by the end of the week. Which means we can start framing!!! Yeah!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have failed to mention anything about Dora in a while, so I will bore each of you know with the current list of the words she says. Actually she is talking so much and we can have little conversations now. She is so fun and I definitely love this stage of baby-hood. Actually, the sad thing is she's not really a baby anymore but a toddler and that is heart breaking to me....but fun and exciting in the same sentence.

Papa (grandpa)
Buddy-- usually said in context of Hi Buddy about 1500 times a day.
No!! Don't (and usually those words together)
Coat (pronounced toat)
banana (nana)
watee (anything that comes in the form of liquid)
Sleepy sleepy
Nite nite.
"B"-- which stands for Binky, blanket, silk garment top or any other comfort time.
book (boot)
hold you me (which means hold me)
I wann (I want)
colorume (coloring)
aprayer (prayer)

alright this list is getting too long and I could go on. I just can't believe how much she is learning and growing. But my absolute favorite of all time she has only said once or twice...

as I was laying her down for a nap the other day, I said " I love you Dora" and she said back "i wuv ou mom." Oh my heart and the tears. What a beautiful little darling.

house planitos is the house we are embarking upon to build...I will admit that it is not my fantasy dream house, as that would be much larger and ornate overlooking the ocean in some bachelor type location, HOWEVER it is more than adequate and we are super excited to get going. We have our permits from the city, the snow has melted (most of it), and we just need to decided on which subcontractors are going to do what and we will be set to go!!! YEAH!! We should start digging, for sure, by next week but maybe even by the weekend.

Um...well actually you have to smarter than the computer and the house plans saved thereon to figure out how to get them onto a blog....which as it turns out I am not. But with that said, I will describe the house for you.... 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, an office, 3-car garage (apparently a non-negotiable item in this family), it has kitchen too. We are not finishing the basement, but it will have a 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kick-butt storage room (also non-negotiable), and a huge family room. The outside will be stone and Hardi-board of some undetermined color. Pictures would be better, but you have to wait til later.