Thursday, November 6, 2008

New favorite pictures of Dorie

OK here's the real favorite pictures of Dorie....however they are about 5 months old now. She just keeps getting bigger and I really need to go get new pictures taken of her. These were some shots that my sister took of here when we stayed in Logan for a few weeks, last fall. I love these pictures because they show her personality at that time, like the "what's that pose," and it shows her beautiful red hair (for all of those non-believers, it is red and it will stay red dang-it)!! They other ity-bity is India. They are kissing cousins, or at least someday will be and will really like each other, but as for this stage, Dora mostly likes to take whatever India happens to have, sit on whomever's lap India is on, and mostly terrorizes the poor thing--but that's what I get for having a red-head. PS I took the liberty of editing these pictures...don't' know if I like them or not, but that's how they turned out.