Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Hike

Last Friday I woke up to a phone call from my sister-in-law saying that everyone was going on a hike up Stewart Falls, which is above Sundance and Aspen Grove, so I quickly got ready, found a pack I could use for the baby from a neighbor and off we went. I was so not ready for what was in store... I realize that my baby is 15 months old so I certainly cannot use her as an excuse for being out of shape anymore, but then I realized that I wasn't in shape when I got pregnant either so basically I'm just lazy when it comes to exercising these days. The hike that we thought we take no more than a 2 hours, took 4 but it was fun and well worth it.

We had a really fun hike (most of the way) there were a few parts that were really hard and I thought I was going to be sore for a few days, which suprisingly I wasn't. Adora loved her ride on my back, I borrowed the cadilac of packs and she could see everything. The best part was when we finally got to the falls, she had so much fun playing in the water and splashing around. I can't tell you how cold the water was and she refused to get out. I could barely stand to be in it...her feet were like ice cubes by the time we got out. She fell asleep on the way back out.

I love this picture of Adora...she was so excited.

I also had a flash back to high school while we were there. When we came around a bend and I got my first view of the falls, I realized that I had done the hike before but had gone a on a different trail. In high school I went on a double date there with Tyler and Melanie. It brought back the greatest memories of Scott Bell. It made me laugh right out loud. I can hardly believe that was 7 years ago...time flies.

Housing Woes...

This last week we found a house that we love--it needs some work and some major TLC but it really has some great potential. I found it online, we went and saw it that same night and then the next day we put an offer in on it. The problem is that it's a short sell and the bank has to approve the offer which could take weeks or even months. So for now we are just sitting around waiting and praying that we get it. It would be perfect for us. It's really big and has a huge yard plus is has an apartment in the basement which we could rent out. I don't love the exterior but when you have Dan as a husband you know that anything can be changed to look just like you would like it. We have so many fun ideas for renovating it, if we can just get it. Here's a few pics..but remember it really needs some work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Congrats to the Newlyweds!!!!

We had a great trip two weekends ago to Cedar City!! We went for Jack's (Dan's dad) wedding. We left Friday night and stayed in a hotel and then they got married Saturday morning. I was a little worried about the drive down there because Dora hasn't been on that long of a trip since she was little, but she did great and luckily we had Dan sister, Amy, in the car with us to help entertain her. I also got to see one of my dearest companion, Morgan Niemann. I hadn't seen her since the day I left the mission so it was so awesome to get to spend some time with her reminiscing about the mish.This is Dan and all of his siblings: Emily, Andrew, Amy, Dan, Jack, Kerrie, Carrie, John, JulieDaddy's little girl...of the girls had matching hair things...they all looked really cute

This is Dora's girl cousins, except her favorite Lucy.

Olivia, Kylee, Hattie, Anna, Katie, and Layrn. Dora was too busy to take pictures.

Adora was so tired by the time the day was through that she feel asleep before we could even get the car seat buckled and she didn't wake up until we got home. What a trooper. We are so excited for Adora to have another grandma and for Jack to have found someone to share the rest of his life with.