Monday, March 10, 2008

I am no good at blogging

It's offical, I am no good in the blog world. Let's be honest, no one even looks at my blog anymore because it hasn't changed in months. Oh well....Not much is new. Same old same old. However spring is coming and I hope it'll lift my spirits into a better blogging sortof world. Adora is getting bigger and bigger. She crawls, pulls herself up to everything, moves from one couch to the next and even stood up by herself for the first time yesterday in church. We now go to nursey for a while every Sunday so that people in Relief Society can feel the spirit and not give into her constant flirting. She really is super funny...she loves to copy me in whatever I do. If I yell, she yells; if I laugh, she laughs. Her favorite thing to do right now either sit and decide which binky to use (it's a hard choice when there's 5 or 6 laying around) and to sit on her daddy's shoulders while he runs around like a mad man or and she loves to touch the ceiling when Dan lifts her up. She squels with delight every time. I was going to put some pictures up but for some reason it won't let me...i'll try later... it may be months later but I'll try